selected works of Eric Dunlap

FIFA Museum: Soccer Dances

Choreography for Interactive Installation

Produced by TRIAD Berlin

Ever wanted to dance the victory dances of World Cup athletes? That what “Soccer Dances” is all about!

Using archive footage from FIFA World Cup events, a series of dances were created., to codify the jubilant performances celebrating a goal. These dances were then performed and motion captured. At the museum kiosk, the user could view the different dances, first from the actual footage, and then dance along to the avatar performing the movement. The user’s motion is also tacked, and the motion data is scored against the original captured dance. Play to win!

view a video of the installation

The installation seems to be a bit of a favorite of visiting teams and guests:

- ”very popular with the players (of the Jordan team)” 

- a visit from the GRASSHOPPER CLUB Zürich

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